2018 High Point Hipp-o-thon benefiting the Warrior Canine Connection

On Thursday, July 19th, the High Point Pool swim team completed their 2nd annual Hipp-o-thon in benefit of the Warrior Canine Connection. Using the swim-a-thon as a method to not only raise funds and awareness but bring the Hippos even closer together as a team, High Point coaches, swimmers, and parents set out to do something impactful for their community and beyond!



Warrior Canine Connection is a nonprofit dedicated to breeding, training and placing service dogs with Veteran and active duty men and women in the United States Military with disabilities and invisible wounds.

“A decade of military conflict has taken a devastating physical and mental toll on hundreds of thousands of Wounded Warriors. The next great battle our nation must face is to bring peace to the hearts and minds of Service Members who have brought these conflicts home with them. WCC is supporting that mission by offering a safe, effective, non-pharmaceutical intervention for the invisible wounds of war while helping to provide highly skilled service dogs for Veterans in need.”



The Hippos set out to raise over $8,000 with 125 miles swam–by challenging each of their athletes to swim 1 mile (or 66 laps), they believe they would reach both of those goals! Before the morning was over, the High Point Swim Team had raised over $10k!



If you would like to contribute towards High Point’s team effort, visit warriorcanineconnection.org — hit the orange donate button in the top right corner, and include “on behalf of High Point Pool” in the memo line!

To learn more about WWC check them out at their website or on social media

  • facebook.com/warriorcanineconnection
  • Twitter: @warriorcaninecn
  • Instagram: @Warriorcanineconnection


Great job High Point Hippos!

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