2018 NVSL All Swim Ninja: 11-12s

With the completion of the 2018 NVSL regular season, the time has come for announcing our All swim Ninja team. Using best times from this season, we have composed 1st and 2nd Team, as well as Honorable Mention, selections for each age group and gender. While many athletes who made our preseason list performed up to expectation, we were excited to see several new names make the final team selection. Because summer swimming is a true team sport, we thought it was important to make our selections based on how athletes performed during the regular season where they competed to score points to win meets. We want to congratulate all the athletes for working hard and making our job of creating these lists a difficult process!

See which athletes landed on our NVSL All Swim Ninja team and why below:


First Team:

  • Michael Mullen (Old Keene Mill): Michael had 4 top 10 times, finishing with the fastest 11-12 50m fly, and the 2nd fastest 50m free (.12s behind leader), 50m back, and 50m breast (see this swim below)

  • Noah Dyer (Hiddenbrook): Noah finished 2018 with 4 top 10 times, landing 3rd in 50m free, 50m back, 50m breast, and 50m fly
  • Donovan Kovalsky (Mount Vernon Park): Donovan finished with the fastest 50m free time, the 4th fastest 50m fly, and the 9th fastest 50m back
  • William McClough (Herndon): William had the fastest 50m breaststroke time in the age group by almost 2 full seconds–he also posted the 4th fastest 50m free and 5th fastest 50m back
  • Nolan Dunkel (Tuckahoe): Nolan had the fastest 50m back in the age group by 1.40 seconds–he also finished with the 2nd fastest 50m fly (just .22s behind Michael Mullen)

Second Team:

  • Eli Martin  (Arlington Forest): Eli had 4 top 10 times, finishing 5th in 50m free, 6th in 50m breast, 8th in 50m back, and 9th in 50m fly
  • David McMichael (Hamlet): David finished 6th in 50m free and 7th in 50m back (see vid of swim below)

  • John Paul Gonsalves (Kent Gardens): John Paul finished 6th in 50m back and 8th in 50m free
  •  Arav Bhargava (Chesterbrook): Arav posted the 7th fastest 50m fly (see this swim below) and 8th fastest 50m breast of 2018

  • Nathaniel LeNard (Dominion Hills): Nathaniel had the 9th fastest 50m free and 8th fastest 50m fly in 2018

Honorable Mention

  • Tyler Whitacre (Sully Station): Tyler had the 4th fastest 50m back in 2018
  • Kevin Rice (Lakevale Estates): Kevin finished 4th in 50m breast in 2018


First Team: 

  • Catherine Hughes (Tuckahoe): Catherine had the fastest time in the age group in 50m free, 50m back, and 50m breast (she set the NVSL record in breast at 34.63, which is the 5th fastest time in the league for all girls this season). Catherine was also 4th in 50m fly
  • Courtney Watts (Cardinal Hill): Courtney was the fastest 50m flyer, and 2nd in 50m free and back (.12s behind Catherine Hughes).
  • Patricia Leonard (Chesterbrook): Patricia was the 3rd fastest in 50m free (see this swim below), 6th fastest in 50m breast, and 7th fastest in 50m fly in 2018

  • Ellie Leonard (Chesterbrook): Ellie was 2nd in 50m breast and 9th in 50m free (she is in lane 5 in the race vid above)
  • Kendall Vess (Country Club Hills): Kendall had the 3rd fastest 50m fly, 4th fastest 50m free, and 8th fastest 50m back in 2018
  • Sophia Cloutier (Lee Graham): Sophia finished 2018 ranked 2nd overall in 50m fly by .10s to Courtney Watts–she was also 6th in 50m back
  • Emma Redman (Sleepy Hollow Rec): Emma finished 3rd in 50m back, 4th in 50m breast, and 8th in 50m free

Second Team:

  • Aleena Stukus (Fairfax Station): Aleena had 3 top 10 times in 2018, including 6th fastest in 50m free and 50m fly (see this swim below), and 7th fastest in 50m back

  • Anita Buchanan (Riverside Gardens): Anita finished 5th in 50m free and 4th in 50m back (see this swim below) in 2018

  • Inez McNichols (Virginia Hills): Inez finished 5th in 50m fly and 10th in 50m back in 2018

Honorable Mention:

  • Sarah Vollbrecht (South Run): Sarah finished 3rd overall in 50m breast
  • Elysha York (Overlee): Elysha finished 5th overall in 50m back
  • Aida Young (Overlee): Aida finished 5th overall in 50m breast

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