2019 NVSL All Swim Ninja: 11-12s

With the completion of the 2018 NVSL regular season, the time has come for announcing our All swim Ninja team. Using best times from this season, we have composed 1st and 2nd Team, as well as Honorable Mention, selections for each age group and gender. While many athletes who made our preseason list performed up to expectation, we were excited to see several new names make the final team selection. Because summer swimming is a true team sport, we thought it was important to make our selections based on how athletes performed during the regular season where they competed to score points to win meets. We want to congratulate all the athletes for working hard and making our job of creating these lists a difficult process!

See which athletes landed on our NVSL All Swim Ninja team and why:

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First Team

  • Rian Graham (Herndon): Rian was a big time player for the Hammerheads this summer, posting top-10 times in all 4 events. Not only was he the fastest 50 flyer for the age group, but he also had the 3rd best back, 5th best breast, and 9th best free in the league in 2019. See him post the league-best fly from week 1 below:

  • Charlie Greenwood (Donaldson Run): Charlie had a big summer for the Thunderbolts with the best breastroke in the age group at 35.66. He also put up the 5th fastest free and fly in 2019. See Charlie swim that league-best breast from week 3 at Crosspointe:

  • Kai Wang (Dowden Terrace): Kai was the fastest backstroke in the NVSL, while also adding the 2nd best free that was only .08s behind the league leader. See Wang swim that leading 31.96 back from week 3 below:

  • Benjamin Farello (Poplar Tree): Farello had the 2nd fastest backstroke, 3rd fastest fly, and 7th fastest fly this summer, making him a triple threat for the Pirates on any given Saturday.
  • Evan Ingraham (Overlee): Evan had the fastest 50 free this summer, coming in at an impressive 28.45 for the Flying Fish.

Second Team

  • Blake Madsen (Poplar Tree): Blake proved he is a well-rounded swimmer, swimming the 4th fastest back and fly, and 6th fastest breast in 2019
  • Alexander Rose (Hunter Mill): Rose swam the 3rd fastest 50 free, only .26s behind Ingraham. Rose also added the 6th fastest fly in 2019.
  • Brandon Lesser (Daventry): Lesser swam the 2nd fastest 50 breast at 36.16
  • Ethan Kim (Laurel Hill): Kim swam the 2nd fastest fly ahead of four All Swim Ninja selections
  • Billy Weber (Overlee): Billy put up the 4th fastest breast, which was only 8 tenths back of Greenwood. Weber also had the 9th fastest backstroke in 2019.
  • Wiktor Wyszogrodzki (Highlands): Wiktor showed he is on par with the best in the league, finishing with the 4th fastest free and 5th fastest backstroke, swimming within a second of the league leader in both events.

Honorable Mention

  • Connor Tain (Fair Oaks): Tain had the 6th fastest backstroke, 8th fastest free, and 10th fastest breast in 2019
  • Kai Sanchez (Rutherford): Kai had the 6th fastest free and 8th fastest back this summer
  • Curan Palmer (Highlands): At 36.36, Palmer had the 3rd fastest breaststroke in the NVSL


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First Team

  • Emma Redman (Sleepy Hollow Rec): Emma had an incredible summer, posting the fastest 50 free time in the 11-12 age group (boy or girl) at 28.25. Emma also finished 2nd in 50 breast, only .10s behind the league leader, and 7th in fly.
  • Rachel Conley (Donaldson Run): Conley led the league in fly at 31.41, and also took 2nd in free. Check out this performance from week 3 when she set the league-high for the summer in fly:

  • Annika Rieger (Vienna Aquatic): The Gators have an incredibly well-rounded athlete in Annika–Rieger finished 2nd in 50m fly,  5th in back and 6th in free.
  • Keira Gutierrez (Chesterbrook): Keira led the way for the league champion Tigersharks, with the top spot in 50 back at 32.14. Gutierrez also took the 3rd spot in fly, only .4s behind Conley.
  • Sarah Vollbrecht (South Run): Sarah dominated D12 this summer for the Seahawks, and led the league in breaststroke at 35.90. Check out this impressive performance where she swam only half a second off her best time from week 2:

2nd Team

  • Grace Callahan (Overlee): Callahan gave Gutierrez her best challenge of the summer and finished as the 2nd best backstroker in the league. Grace also had the 9th fastest freestyle in 2019.
  • Veronika Owen (Fox Mill Estates): Veronika led off for her league champion Mixed Age Relay, bringing the 5th best freestyle in the age group. Owen also had the 3rd best back and 4th best fly.
  • Lexi Ries (High Point): Lexi had the 2nd best freestyle and 10th best backstroke for the Hippos this summer.
  • Charlotte Scogna (Highlands): Scogna was the 4th fastest backstroker and 8th best freestyle swimmer this summer.
  • Sadie Laughlin (Camelot): Sadie crushed it this summer with the 4th fastest free and breast out of all swimmers in the 11-12 age group.

Honorable Mention

  • Ana Falzone (Dunn Loring): Ana was 6th in back and 7th in breast in 2019
  • Maggie O’Shaughnessy (Highlands): Maggie took 5th in breast and 10th in fly this summer
  • Aida Young (Overlee): Aida had the 3rd best breaststroke at 37.02

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