2019 NVSL All Swim Ninja: 8-Unders

With the completion of the 2018 NVSL regular season, the time has come for announcing our All swim Ninja team. Using best times from this season, we have composed 1st and 2nd Team, as well as Honorable Mention, selections for each age group and gender. While many athletes who made our preseason list performed up to expectation, we were excited to see several new names make the final team selection. Because summer swimming is a true team sport, we thought it was important to make our selections based on how athletes performed during the regular season where they competed to score points to win meets. We want to congratulate all the athletes for working hard and making our job of creating these lists a difficult process!

See which athletes landed on our NVSL All Swim Ninja team and why:

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First Team

  • Josiah Sturgill (High Point): Josiah had a terrific 2019 season, finishing with the fastest 25m Free and Fly–his times of 15.69 in free and 16.60 in fly were .99s and 1.54s faster than the next swimmer. Sturgill also posted the 4th fastest back and breast times this summer. See him put up his best breaststroke performance from week 2 below

  • James Madden (Donaldson Run): Madden had the fastest 25m back for the Thunderbolts this summer, and also put up the 3rd fastest free and breast, and 7th fastest 25m fly. See his league-leading backstroke performance from week 3 at Crosspointe below:

  • Gabriel Hanson (Highlands): Gabe was a huge addition to the Whomping Turtles this summer–not only was he the fastest 25m breaststroke swimmer, but he also had the 2nd fastest fly and back, and was 8th in free.

Second Team

  • Cadell Moy-Jacobs (Lakeview): Cadell brought some serious speed this summer with the 2nd fastest 25m free at 16.68 and 4th fastest 25m fly.
  • Cody Enfinger (Brookfield): Cody was the 3rd fastest backstroker this summer, only .22s behind First Team selections James Madden and .05s behind Gabriel Hanson. Enfinger also swam the 6th fastest 25m fly.
  • Michael Zhang (Sully Station II): Zhang had the 2nd fastest breast and 5th fastest 25m fly for Sully II in 2019.
  • Frederick Papadopoulos (Overlee): Frederick had the 3rd fastest 25m fly and 9th fastest free for the Flying Fish.

Honorable Mention

  • Phoenix Wentland (Sleepy Hollow Rec): Wentland had the 4th fastest 25m free
  • Nathan Jarvis (Hiddenbrook): Jarvis swam the 5th fastest free and 10th fastest back
  • Hudson Evans (Hiddenbrook): Evans had the 6th fastest free and back in 2019
  • Brennan Bardolf (Sideburn Run): Bardolf swam the 7th fastest free and 6th fastest breast
  • Maddox Cory (Chesterbrook): Cory had the 8th fastest fly and 10th fastest free
  • Manuel Maher (Chesterbrook): Maher had the 5th fastest back in 2019
  • Casen Reber (Little Hunting Park): Reber swam the 5th fastest breast


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First Team

  • Vivien O’Hara (South Run): Vivien had a fantastic season for the D12 champion South Run Seahawks. Not only was she the fastest 25m freestyler in the league, but she also had the 2nd fastest back, 6th fastest back, and 9th fastest fly. See her crush this freestyle race from week 2 against Springboard:

  • Magnolia Johnston (Mantua): Magnolia was a major player for the D6 champion Marlins with the best backstroke in the NVSL at 20.24. Johnston was also 2nd in free (.06s behind O’Hara), and 6th in breast.
  • Corrine Bendza (Vienna Aquatic): Bendza was nothing short of stellar for the Gators–Corrine is the fastest breast and fly swimmer by over half a second. Bendza also had the 2nd fastest backstroke and 8th fastest free. See her league best fly performance from week 2 at Fair Oaks:

  • Erin Kass (Hamlet): Kass swam the 3rd best backstroke, 4th fastest free, and 5th fastest fly. See Erin dominate her 25 free against Dowden Terrace from week 3:

Second Team

  • Charlotte Wood (Chesterbrook): Charlotte had the 2nd fastest 25m fly, 7th fastest 25m free, and 8th fastest breaststroke in 2019.
  • McKenzie Miller (Fox Hunt): McKenzie was the 4th fastest backstroker, 8th fastest flyer, and 10th fastest breaststroker this summer
  • Shannon Stegmaier (Old Keene Mill): Shannon was critical for OKM this summer as they took a piece of the D8 crown. Stegmaier finished 4th in fly, 5th in back, and 10th in free.
  • Cecilia Yen (Overlee): Yen took 3rd in fly and 7th in backstroke after a strong regular season for the Flying Fish.
  • Nora Bartkowski (Tuckahoe): Nora had a very strong year for the Tigers, finishing 8th in back, 9th in free, and 10th in fly.

Honorable Mention

  • Jenna Zee (Chesterbrook): Zee had the 3rd fastest time in 2019
  • Rylan Woods (Woodley): Woods ended the year 5th in free and 6th in fly
  • Keegan Clark (Donaldson Run): Keegan finished 2019 3rd in breast
  • Esme’ Haggard (Tuckahoe): Haggard finished 4th in breast

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