2019 NVSL Preseason All Swim Ninja: 9-10s

The 9-10s present their own challenges–because of the jump from 25s to 50s in every stroke except fly, we can only evaluate the few 9 y/os who were strong enough to make it into meets at the bottom of the age group. Furthermore, there certainly is an adjustment when you add in learning a flip turn and an extra length of the pool. Fly is fun because you can consider the 8-year-olds who aged up, but this age group is wide open as far as we are concerned, and given how last year turned out, we know there will be many new names come the end of the season!

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First Team

  • Luca Sanchez (Langley): Luca finished 2018 with the 8th fastest backstroke in the NVSL, giving him the top spot going into 2019 for the age group. Sanchez also has the 5th fastest free, 2nd fastest breast, and 3rd fastest fly at the start of the summer, making him the only athlete with top times in all 4 events. His versatility will be critical for the Wildthings as they look to rebound in D2 after a tough season a year ago.
  • Ian Kang  (Fair Oaks): Ian will start the season with the fastest returning freestyle in the age group, leading this Ninja to predict the Sharks will be the boys mixed age relay team to beat in 2019, as he joins several of his teammates on our Preseason All Swim Ninja list. Kang also had the 9th fastest backstroke and fly in 2018 (2nd and 4th respectively for start of 2019). Watch Ian surge forward in his fly against Villa Aquatic from 2018

  • Moses Wolf (Waynewood): Moses starts 2019 with the fastest returning breaststroke by 1.47s over the next fastest, Luca Sanchez. Wolf also has a strong backstroke that will be 5th to start 2019 after finishing 21st in 2018. See him dominate his backstroke in 2018 against Walden Glen.

  • Tobias Damico-Lassman (Highland Park): Tobias enters the summer with the 3rd fastest returning free and 2nd fastest fly after finishing 6th in the event at the bottom of the age group–he is narrowly edged out (by .03s) in the stroke by sensational 8 y/o stand out Andy Li from 2018.
  • Andy Li (Kent Gardens): Andy burst onto the scene last year after not making our preseason team by breaking 2 league meter records (breast and fly) and 1 yard record (breast–see below). The 2018 First Team All Swim Ninja selection had the top time in every stroke at the end of the summer and will start 2019 with the fastest 25 fly in his new age group. Without any data to suggest otherwise, we expect to see Li challenge his older competitors this summer.

2nd Team

  • Finn McIntyre (Vienna Woods): Finn is the 2nd fastest returning freestyler and 8th fastest backstroke swimmer coming into 2019. He finished just outside the top-18 a year ago and should be dangerous in both strokes as well as fly this summer.
  • Isaac Bockman (Great Falls): Bockman will start 2019 with the 4th fastest backstroke and 5th fastest fly. His fly is only a few tenths slower than his first team competitors, so keep an eye on him to finish at the top of the leaderboards this season.
  • Charles Lannin (McLean): Charlie has the 3rd fastest returning breaststroke after finishing 29th in the event at the bottom of the age group last summer.
  • Ryan Flickinger (Hamlet): Flickinger landed at 18th with his 50 back in 2019 and is starting third coming into 2019

Honorable Mention

  • Sinjin Schmeck (Hunt Valley): Schmeck has three top 10 times to start 2019–he is 8th in free, 9th in back, and 4th in breast. Sinjin will be valuable for the Stingrays as they challenge in D2 in 2019.
  • Paul Yaroschak (Dowden Terrace): Yaroschak has the 3rd best time for freestyle of returning athletes.
  • Thomas Lapp (Tuckahoe): Lapp has the 6th and 7th fastest returning back and breast times this summer



First Team

  • Charis Roundtree (Virginia Run): Roundtree is a name you will want to familiarize yourself with if you follow swimming in the area–Charis was a dominant 8-under two summers ago, smashing the league record for 25m Free. Last year she finished on our second team All Swim Ninja, which was released before she went on to win NVSL Allstars in 50 free and set the high mark for the summer with a 31.20. Charis also has the fastest returning 50 back by over 2 seconds (finished 4th in 2018) and the 3rd fastest fly. See her dominate the 50 free against Vienna Woods in 2018 below

  • Elizabeth Bryan (Ilda): Bryan is the other name you need to really watch–similar to Charis Roundtree, Elizabeth broke the 8-U league record in 25m breast in 2017 before finishing with the best 9-10 time in the 50 breast in 2018. She is also the second fastest returning freestyle and 4th fastest flyer at the start of 2019.
  • Emily Radcliffe (Poplar Tree): Radcliffe is tied with the fastest 25m fly to start 2019, and also has the 2nd fastest backstroke and 4th fastest freestyle, giving the Pirates a stellar athlete to compete with in D9 this summer.
  • Sadie Buckley (Fairfax): Sadie also is the fastest returning flyer, posting an identical 16.72 to Radcliffe in 2018. Buckley will also have the 4th fastest backstroke and 7th fastest freestyle to begin this summer.

Second Team

  • Annabelle Bremner (Dowden Terrace): The Dolphins have a lot to look forward to with Bremner who is the third fastest backstroke and breaststroke swimmer coming off of 2018.
  • Sydney DeLacy (Hunter Mill): DeLacy has the 3rd fastest 50 free going into a challenging 2019 season for the Sharks in D3
  • Moira Kinsella (Overlee): Moira has great breaststroke genes taking after her older brother Paul Kinsella who makes the preseason team for the 15-18 boys. Kinsella has the 2nd fastest 50m breast after finishing 10th in 2018. See her win a critical race for the Flying Fish in their meet against Tuckahoe from last summer below.

  • Evelina Kleczek (Fox Mill Woods): Evelina will start her 2019 campaign with the 5th fastest returning backstroke and breaststroke after a great 2018 summer.

Honorable Mention

  • Lila Brock (Dowden Terrace): Brock gives her teammate, Annabelle Bremner, major support with the 6th fastest free, 8th fastest breast, and 5th fastest fly to start 2019.
  • Bianca Gattoni (Hiddenbrook): Gattoni starts 2019 as the 6th fastest backstroke and breaststroke swimmer in the age group.
  • Lila Wilbur (Fairfax Station): Wilbur has the 4th fastest returning breaststroke time from 2018.
  • Maya Nelson (Pinecrest): Nelson begins the 2019 season with the 5th fastest 50 free time in the age group.


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