2019 Week 1: Burke Stations VS. Rolling Forest

By Andrew O’Kane

Sunday, June 23, 2019

On June 22, our Burke Station Destroyers (BKS) swam in a hard-fought meet against the Rolling Forest Swim Team (RF).

After both teams had warmed up in the pool, they got out for cheers to demonstrate sportsmanship as well as hype up the team. BKS performed some team favorites, including “Up on the Roof,” “The Cookie Monster,” and “BKS.”

The meet got off to a great start, with both teams swimming hard and giving it their all. It looked as if it could be anyone’s game.

However, by the halfway point in the meet after the backstroke events, the score was RF – 106, BKS – 74. BKS didn’t lose spirit and kept swimming hard, but by the end of the meet, Rolling Forest had won.

During this meet, we had a record-setting swim in the 50-meter backstroke. In the 9/10-year-old group, Ryan Miller’s 41.00-second finish broke the existing record of 41.03 seconds, held by swimmer Ryan Lincicum.

At the end of the meet, both teams joined together in a show of sportsmanship and performed a BKS tradition: after every home meet, BKS team members gather near the diving tank and dance to songs like the “Cupid Shuffle,” the “Cha Cha Slide,” and “Cotton-Eyed Joe.”

Whether you’re swimming or spectating during the meet, the BKS concessions stand is a great place to get some food. They sell chips and candy, as well as drinks, snow cones, breakfast burritos, chicken sandwiches, and the famous traveling taco.

Overall, the meet was a great success—a day of sportsmanship, effort, friendship, and celebration.


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