Preseason Conversation with Sully Station Head Coach: Collin Fiala

The Ninjas sat down with Sully Station Head Coach Collin Fiala to learn about his history growing up at the pool, how that has informed his coaching attitudes, and what to expect from them this season!

Collin is in his 16th year in the NVSL after beginning swimming at Sully Station when he was 4 years old. This is his second season as the head coach, and he brings his many years of experience at the pool to make the summer season a special one for his athletes.

Collin is a living example of the benefits gained from growing up in the NVSL–not only did he get his start to competitive swimming at Sully Station, but it taught him the skills and lessons to become an NCAA athlete and coach in the league where he grew up!

Good Luck this season Sully Station!

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  1. Excellent interview. Really hits home with the values of the NVSL, having fun at your summer pool, and developing friends for life.

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