2018 NVSL Preseason All-Swim Ninja: 15-18s

The Ninjas have gotten together to create our preseason All-Swim Ninja team, comprised of the top returning athletes in each age group. Using solely 2017 times as our predictor, we created the 1st team, 2nd team, and honorable mention lists. We are excited to see great competition this coming summer, and expect to see a few names left off the preseason list make our postseason All-Swim Ninja team–so go out and swim hard!

See the boys and girls teams and our reasoning below!

*Due to athletes switching pools before the start of the season, updates will be made to this post*

Click to see 13-14 NVSL Preseason All-Swim Ninja Teams!

The 15-18 boys and girls gave us a lot to consider–between 14-year-olds aging up who are immediately going to make a splash in the age group, and returning 15, 16, and 17 y/os returning from stellar 2017 seasons, we had our work cut out deciding this list. Given that a few of these athletes are returning from college seasons, and all of the swimmers are continuing to master their craft in highly competitive club and high school seasons, there will undoubtedly be some movement among these athletes and those who did not make the preseason team–we cannot wait to see the competition play out in 2018:


First Team

  • Thomas Hallock (Fox Mill Woods): Returning for his 18-year-old season after a year in college, Tommy is bound to be a dominating force. Not only did he lead two All-Star Relay winning, and league record-breaking, squads, but he finished in the top 10 in all 4 events among returning athletes. Hallock was the fastest 50 freestyler in the league at 23.10 and will be looking to break the league record in the event set at 22.60. He was also the 3rd fastest flyer a year ago, and 8th fastest backstroker and 11th fastest breaststroker overall in 2017
  • Anthony Grimm (Fair Oaks): Anthony was the fastest 14-year-old boy in the league last season in all 4 events, and broke the NVSL records in back, breast and fly. In fact, his times were fast enough to be the best back and fly swims among all returning athletes in 2018, and he posted the 4th fastest returning breaststroke time as well–watch out for this 15 y/o this summer
  • Ryan Soh (Chesterbrook): At 16, Ryan was the fastest 15-18 backstroker in the league, and has the second-fastest returning time in the event for 2018. Soh also had the 7th fastest fly time overall last summer and is the 6th fastest swimmer in that event coming into 2018
  • Leo Wang (Virginia Run): Leo had the fastest 50 breast in the league in 2017 at 29.05, which is only .24 seconds off Olympian Ed Moses’ 1998 record–it will be exciting to see him go for the record books this summer

Second Team:

  • Grant DeWitt (Chesterbrook): Grant was the 2nd fastest senior backstroker last season and enters the season with the third-best time from 2017 overall. He also had the 9th fastest breaststroke overall in 2017
  • Sam Ellison (Overlee): Sam was the 6th fastest 50 freestyle swimmer and 13th fastest 50 flyer in 2017–he enters 2018 as the 3rd and 10th ranked swimmer in those events respectively
  • Jack Galbraith (Vienna Aquatic Club): Jack finished 2017 with the 3rd best back and 11th best fly time overall for the age group–he is ranked 4th and 9th in those events for the season ahead
  • Thomas Outlaw (Chesterbrook): Thomas was the 2nd fastest flyer in the age group a year ago, and enters the season ranked in the same position in the event with a time that is .18 seconds behind Anthony Grimm’s from a season ago
  • Sam Gollob (Chesterbrook): Sam had the 3rd fastest senior boys breaststroke in 2017–he enters the season ranked 2nd in the event
  • Paul Kinsella (Overlee): Paul was the 4th fastest boys breaststroke swimmer in 2017–only 2 tenths behind Sam Gollob, and enters the season ranked 3rd in the event
  • Kent Codding (Fairfax): At 15, Kent posted the 5th fastest 50 fly time overall for the age group–he is ranked 4th in the event this coming season
  • Andrew Revers (Mansion House): Andrew is the 2nd ranked 50 freestyler entering 2018 after finishing with the 5th best time in 2017
  • Jaya Kambhampaty (Fox Mill Woods): Jaya had the 5th fastest backstroke in 2017–he enters 2018 ranked in the same spot in the event

Honorable Mention

  • Nicholas Pasternak (Overlee): Nick had the 7th fastest 50 back time and 11th best fly time in 2017
  • Ben Charles (Highlands): Ben had the 11th fastest 50 free and 15th fastest 50 breast in 2017
  • Abraham Zimmer (Dunn Loring): Abraham had the 7th fastest 50 free in 2017
  • Drew Weber (Oakton): Drew had the 7th fastest 50 fly time in 2017
  • Peter Brukx (Lakeview): Peter had the 8th fastest 50 free in 2017
  • Jonathan Day (Overlee): Jonathan had the 9th fastest 50 fly in 2017


First Team: 

  • Cassidy Bayer (Mount Vernon Park): Cassidy had the best back and fly times in 2017 and 2nd fastest 50 free–she is the top rank in backstroke and butterfly and is the 2nd rank in free entering this season
  • Jacqueline Clabeaux (Greenbrier): Coming back from her freshman year at NC State, Jacquee looks to pick up where she left off. She was the fastest 50 breaststroker in the league by almost a half second–she also had the 5th fastest fly, 7th fastest back, and 10th fastest free in 2017
  • Katie Mack (Hamlet): Katie returns to 2018 as the fastest 50 free swimmer after posting the best time in the event by nearly 7 tenths in 2017. She also was the 3rd fastest backstroker and 4th fastest flyer a year ago–she is ranked 3rd in both of those events in 2018
  • Anna Shumate (Parklawn): Anna was the 4th fastest freestyler and 2nd fastest breaststroke swimmer in the age group in 2017– she enters 2018 ranked 4th and 3rd in those events respectively *Not Returning*
  • Caroline Wittich (Walden Glen): Caroline was the 5th fastest senior girl breaststroker and 7th fastest freestyler in 2017–she starts 2018 ranked 6th in both events

Second Team:

  • Anna Keating (Vienna Aquatic Club): Anna was the fastest 13-14 girl breaststroker in 2017 with a 33.25–she enters 2018 as the second-ranked swimmer in the event
  • Anna Kenna (Brookfield): Anna swam the 4th fastest 50 back and 8th fastest 50 fly last summer–she is ranked 4th and 7th in those events this season
  • Kayle Park (Overlee): Kayle led her league record-breaking medley relay last season as the 3rd fastest senior girl breaststroker in the NVSL–she was also 12th overall in 50 free. Kayle is ranked 4th and 10th in those events respectively coming into 2018
  • Sinead Eksteen (Shouse Village): The 2017 Washington Post All-Met swimmer of the year had a great 2017, finishing 5th in free and 10th in back overall. She is ranked in the same positions for 2018
  • Jillian Johnson (Chesterbrook): After a great 15 y/o campaign where Jillian finished 8th overall in back and 9th in fly, she looks to be dangerous in this field
  • Elise Mozeleski (Sully Station): Elise is the second-ranked backstroker entering 2018 after finishing in the same spot in 2017 by only .04 seconds to Cassidy Bayer
  • Sarah Boyle (Virginia Run): Sarah had the 2nd fastest 50 fly in 2017–she is ranked in the same spot to start 2018
  • Evie Giesman (Tuckahoe): Evie was the 3rd fastest 50 freestyler in 2017–she enters 2018 ranked in the same spot

Honorable Mention

  • Mary Kate Reicherter (Overlee): Mary Kate had the 5th best 50 back in 2017
  • Olivia Masterson (Orange Hunt): Olivia had the 4th fastest 50 breast in 2017
  • Eleanor Ridgeway (Overlee): Ellie had the 5th fastest 50 fly in 2017
  • Alaina Park (Cottontail): Alaina had the 6th fastest 50 back in 2017
  • Emily Makin (Mount Vernon Park): Emily was the 2nd fastest 13-14 breaststroker in 2017 with a 34.19, which would have been the 6th fastest time in the senior age group last summer


Click to see 13-14 NVSL Preseason All-Swim Ninja Teams!

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