Preseason Conversation with McLean Head Coaches: Riley Pfadenhauer and Liddy McCulla

In undoubtedly our most colorful interview of the preseason, the McLean Head Coaches, Riley Pfadenhauer and Liddy McCulla, with the help of a few of their Marlin friends, truly displayed why they love summer swimming and how to have fun while competing at the highest level of the NVSL.

We talked about their development as swimmers and coaches at McLean, as well as how they keep things fresh through the summer season with lots of spirit, and the lessons they have learned by having an inclusive competitive environment with both brand new swimmers and some of the biggest superstars the NVSL has ever seen!

Ultimately, Riley and Liddy conveyed their desire to pass on the passion and fun they enjoyed while swimming at McLean to their team and hope to inspire their kids to dream big! The Ninjas had a great time talking with the Marlins and look forward to seeing them again soon–see the whole interview below:


Good luck in 2018 McLean!

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