Conversation with the Crosspointe Head Coaches: Molly Miller, Noah Carpenter, and Mayleigh Davis, featuring the graduating seniors

The Ninjas sat down with the Crosspointe coaches and graduating seniors to learn about the sense of community the swim team has helped establish at the pool and what that means to each of them. We gained insight into what being a Cruiser entails, how the team makes every summer memorable through competition and team bonding, and the major role seniors and coaches play at the pool!

Head Coach Molly Miller described the emotion and benefits of having the opportunity to return to her childhood home at Crosspointe, and how she balances a competitive swimming environment with creating a welcoming team atmosphere geared towards having fun. Building on her own experiences as a Cruiser, Molly demonstrated how athletes can come back and continue to make an impact in a new role. Assistant coach Mayleigh Davis helped broaden our understanding of that transition, as she assumes her new post as a coach in her first year since graduating.

Noah Carpenter offered a number of great insights, especially given his long history of swimming in the league for the Parliament Panthers, and how he has managed to use his experiences at another pool to create a varied dynamic on the Crosspointe coaching staff. While finding himself on a bigger and more competitive team, Noah exemplifies the values and skills gained from a life spent in the NVSL!

The graduating seniors, Andrew Leith, Seth Dunn, TJ Repczynski, and Tommy Lane looked back fondly on their time spent swimming at Crosspointe, mentioning the memories and friendships they had established at the pool–words all Cruisers, and fans of the NVSL, can share in!

Enjoy the full interview below:

Good luck the rest of the way Crosspointe!

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