Conversation with the Hunter Mill Head Coaches: Christine Canty and Myles Brown, featuring the graduating seniors

The Hunter Mill Head coaches and graduating seniors joined Swim Ninja after practice to share their experiences growing up at the pool and why they love coaching and swimming for the sharks! Not only did we learn more about them, but we discussed the differences in meet preparation for summer swim compared to club or high school, as well as the traditions they have enjoyed that make their summers truly unique!

Head Coach Christine Canty broadened our conversation with her insights gained from coaching not only other NVSL teams but also working in the sport at the elite club level. Her background rooted in swimming in the area while not competing in the NVSL offered an alternative lens into the NVSL experience, and what is special about being a part of a summer team and why she truly enjoys it.

Assistant Head Coach Myles Brown grew up swimming at Little Rocky Run, and competed for and coached the Stingrays in 2017 when they faced the Hunter Mill Sharks in a Division 2 showdown. He was able to communicate the challenges and benefits of going to a new pool away from home, and how he has begun to make an impact on his new team.

The graduating seniors, Iann Cobb, Bella Bulhoes, Giovi Moriarty, and Wolf Hassler displayed their veteran perspectives, and surely have made their mark on the Sharks program!

Overall, this was a fantastic conversation that detailed the various ins and outs of the sport of swimming as well as provided an exclusive portrait of what the Hunter Mill experience entails–enjoy the full interview below!

Good luck for the remainder of the season Hunter Mill!


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