Wk 2 Meet of the Week: Vienna Woods @ Virginia Run

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Week 2! This week Swim Ninja decided to check out the pre-July 4th Division 4 battle between Vienna Woods and Virginia Run. This was The Woods first real test in the division, as Virginia Run has multiple elite swimmers. The Ninjas were looking to see if the Riptide could steal some second and thirds away from Vienna Woods throughout the meet. Vienna Woods was slotted to take multiple sweeps, and if Virginia Run’s outside lanes could win some points along with their top swimmers’ firsts and seconds, we could have had a different meet result.

Virginia Run’s own 8 and Under boy, Nicholas Harris, broke his own 25m butterfly record for the second week in a row (Looks like the new Virginia Run record board is getting a work out)! Nicholas dropped almost a full second, going from 18.42 to 17.69. The Riptide’s 9-10 girl, Charis Roundtree, dominated both her freestyle and backstroke events, winning both by 8 seconds. She also helped bring the Riptide’s 200m Girls Mixed Age relay back to take the first spot in that event.

While Virginia Run had a lot of great team swims all morning, it was Vienna Woods that combined for a total of  6 sweeps, and multiple combined first, and second finishes that helped seal the deal for The Woods. The Vienna Woods’ efforts in breaststroke and butterfly helped them pull ahead in the end. Their 11-12 girls made major moves in both their fly and breast events. Annie Carstater, who won the 11-12 girls freestyle, dropped two seconds to score third place in the fly, and Isabelle Jackson, who won 11-12 girls fly, dropped two seconds to score third in breast. It was this outside scoring and ninja-like finishes that helped rack up the points for Vienna Woods.

256.0 Vienna Woods 164.0 Virginia Run

Both coaching staffs had some insight for what went well in the meet and what their team can work on for week 3:

See all the race videos from the meet below!

Recap | Free | Back |Breast | Fly | Relays | Preview

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