Wk 2 Meet of the Week: Villa Aquatic @ Fair Oaks

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The Ninjas traveled to Fair Oaks, excited for some great D6 action and we certainly were treated to a great meet. Despite missing a number of important swimmers, Villa Aquatic made things interesting all morning long. Villa had a slight lead after free (43-45) although the Sharks went on the attack in backstroke and created a double-digit margin going into the back half of the meet. Ultimately, the sharks cut into Villa’s strong suits by picking up supplemental points then dominating with their depth, especially with their 8-under girls who swept free, back and fly, and went 1-2 in breast–they used that momentum throughout their age groups, and appeared to be the team that wanted to win more. Villa had a number of very impressive swims, including team records set by 9-10 stand out Chaz Stephens and had the better team in their 11-12, 13-14, and 15-18 girls groups. Fair Oaks had greater team depth, however, picking up points in those age groups to keep the Gorillas from getting hot, and allowing their strengths to shine through among their boys and 8-unders.

Fair Oaks got busy from the beginning and made the week 2 meet memorable. First Team NVSL All-Swim Ninja selection Anthony Grimm was swimming in a world of his own, setting team records in breast and fly, winning the former by 5-seconds and the later by 3–he currently is at the top of the league leaderboard in both breast and fly as a 15 y/o!

Additionally, the Shark’s 11-12 Boys set a team record in their 100m medley swim at the end of the meet. Ultimately, the Ninjas were pretty close in their prediction for this meet–Fair Oaks won 230-190, withstanding an early push from Villa and then picking up steam through the remainder of the meet. The Sharks look to be the early favorite to win D6 but will have tough matchups with Mantua and Orange Hunt.

After the meet, we caught up with the coaches of each team, as well as the Fair Oaks senior boys to talk about the meet!




We will be keeping our eyes on D6 because they are set to have an exciting relay meet next week and will be competitive down to the finish–good luck to both teams!

Enjoy all the race videos from the day below!

Recap |Free | Back |Breast | Fly | Relays | Preview

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