Wk 3 Meet of the Week: Waynewood @ Walden Glen

The Wahoos and Dolphins came together in week 3 to potentially determine the eventual D8 champion, setting up an epic clash between two teams with a lot of talent throughout their rosters. Ultimately, Walden Glen was able to fend off the visiting Waynewood squad through a total team performance that got started in freestyle and never let up.

PreviewFree | Back | Breast | Fly | Relays| Recap

Free was dominated by strong swimmers. Matthew Morris of WW stepped up to swim free for the first time all season after setting team records in back and fly and proceeded to set a team record in free and win the race. Hunter Zipperer was another star of the day for the Dolphins, taking the 9-10 event for the Dolphins. Walden Glen had their fair share of star power as well with 15-year-old Jordan Buechler taking a strong 1st for the senior ladies. The Wahoos found themselves with a slight 49-41 lead after the first 10 races.

Backstroke continued at a similar pace, with Walden Glen taking 54 of 90 points in the event to give themselves a 103-77 lead going into the back half of individual events. The Wahoos got a sweep from the 9-10 girls and 1-2 finishes out of the 11-12 girls, 13-14 boys, 15-18 boys, giving the home team an important edge in terms of momentum. Waynewood looked very strong behind their senior swimmers Siobhan Chawk and Abigail Grillo where they took a 1-2 finish. Moses and Caleb Wolf were strong finishers for the Dolphins, winning the 9-10 and 11-12 boys races, respectively, by over a body length.

Things were downhill for the Wahoos after back–Walden Glen got another 100 points in the final 20 individual races. WG may have won this meet during their 13-14 and 15-18 girls breast races. WW was seeded to win 17 of 18 points, but the Wahoos cut in to take 10 of 18 points. These races gave them momentum heading into their strongest event of the day. Waynewood got a big swim out of 10 year old Lyla Beizer in the 9-10g fly, where she dropped 1.3 seconds to go sub 18 and win the race by half a second. However, Walden Glen outpaced the Dolphins with their older swimmers, creating too much space between the teams. 

Ultimately, Walden Glen only needed 2 relays to win the meet and improved to 3-0 with a score of 237-183. Walden Glen’s coaches were excited for how the team performed and could be seen bouncing on deck throughout the meet as many close races broke their way. These two teams will see each other on Wednesday for Relay Carnival which should be another intense battle with the rest of the division on hand. Good luck to both teams this week and moving forward!

See race videos from the day below

PreviewFree | Back | Breast | Fly | Relays| Recap


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