Shave and Taper at Dowden Terrace with Evan Stiles

Shave and Taper by Christian Doud and Torey Ortmayer

On Shave and Taper, Christian and Torey break down a number of relevant NVSL topics, bringing to life the many memories, legends, and stories gained from decades of swimming and coaching in Northern Virginia

  • Season 1 Episode 4

  • In episode 4, Christian and Torey recorded live from Dowden Terrace pool in Bailey’s Crossroads with the head coach of the DT Dolphins Evan Stiles. The trio caught up on the NVSL action, giving a midseason update, as well as looked at the upcoming Divisional Relay Carnivals happening around the league


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  1. There was an airport where the Bailey’s Crossroads mall sits until the 1950’s or so. Civilian and military planes flew there. The only clue of its existence is a small signal light on top of an old hangar now used as a storage rental place.

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