Wk 4 Meet of the Week: Sully Station @ Kent Gardens

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Kent Gardens met Sully Station for an exciting Division 7 showdown this Saturday that brought a few newsworthy stories to the forefront. The Ninjas have had this meet circled on our calendar all season because there was a strong possibility we would get to see a few NVSL yard records go down, given the timing in the season when athletes start to hit their mid-season stride. Sure enough, the morning saw not one–not two–but three NVSL records rewritten before our very eyes, as well as a number of other races worth watching!

The meet started with Andy Li, an 8-under superstar, going 14.06 in the 25-yard freestyle–Li was only 16 hundredths from breaking the fabled record set by Roger McLeod in 1965. Sully Station started the meet strong thanks to their freestylers, winning 6 of the 10 free races while picking up lots of second places. The Whitacre brothers of SS, ages 10 and 12, both won their first contests, and both went on to win their second races of the day. The same happened with the Mozeleski sisters, 13 and 16, who both won their free and later races in the morning.

Following freestyle, Sully Station just could not keep up with Kent Gardens. KG took the lead and never gave it back. The 8&u boys of KG started the event by sweeping. Later on, we witnessed one of the best races of the day– the 11-12 boys backstroke. Tyler Whitacre of SS out touched John Paul Gonsalves of KG even though Gonsalves managed to break 30 seconds and set a new team record in the race.

Finally, the Ninjas got what they had hoped for. Elise Mozeleski of SS was the first of the day to break an NVSL record. She broke the 15-18 girls 50-yard backstroke NVSL yard record, one that was older than she was, going a 27.34! The very next race, Andy Li Demolished the 8&u boys 25-yard breastroke NVSL record by almost 2 seconds! Li went a 17.37 and broke a record that stood for an eye-popping 44 years! And lastly, the race of the day– the 9-10 girls 25-yard butterfly. Both Katherine Mcarthur of SS and Sophie Fredericks of KG broke the NVSL record during their high-speed race. Fredericks out touched Mcarthur though claiming her spot in the books with a time of 13.98!

Once breaststroke started, KG really opened things up. They went on to win 7 of the 10 races in breast and fly, while sweeping a number of those races. KG had won the meet by the time relays started and refused to stop there– KG would eventually win 9 of the 12 relays and win the meet by an overall score of 260-160.

Both teams have plenty to be proud of, and no one on the deck this morning will soon forget the performances they witnessed at Kent Gardens–we are fortunate to have had the opportunity to capture this day in NVSL history and we are honored to present it to you!

Enjoy all the races by clicking below!

PreviewFree | Back | Breast | Fly | Relays | Recap



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