2019 Around the NVSL: Time Trials

Each week of the NVSL season, we feature the best submissions sent to us from across Ninja Nation as well as our favorite posts from out on social media. This is a joint effort between Swim Ninja and the NVSL to promote our teams, athletes, and larger swim community to connect us all through our love of summer swimming!

What can I submit to help publicize my team?

Don’t just sit there…Be a Ninja! Show us race videos, your team cheering or showing off their pool spirit, or anything your athletes, coaches, and community might be doing around the pool this summer!

How do I submit

You can post on social media (facebook, twitter, instagram) and tag @swimninja and/or use #swimninja. If you have videos or a lot to show us, upload it to a google drive and share it with social@swimninja.com or post it to youtube and enable embedding–just drop us a note and we will be sure to include it in the weekly roundup!


Community contributor for Ninja Nation, Ellen Chadwick from Sleepy Hollow Bath & Racquet, showed us that we still have some work to do in getting out there and letting people know who the Ninjas are…Thanks for helping us out Ellen!


High Point started warming up that Hippo spirit before their meet. Here are two looks at one of their favorite cheers!

Overlee fired it up down in their team room before coming out for their time trials

The Flying Fish kept the energy going throughout the morning!

Watch out for Captain Tuckahoe and his gang of senior leaders when they take the pool

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Best from Social Media

Highland Park started their meet off with a little noise!

Sully Station appreciates those bold enough to go for a 50 Fly

Here are a few of the best posts found on Twitter and Instagram from the morning!

Photo Submissions

Photos sent in from Overlee and Chesterbrook


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