2019 NVSL Preseason All Swim Ninja

As we enter the 2019 season, it is time to take a look at the top returning athletes for each age group with our Preseason All-Swim Ninja teams! For our preseason 1st and 2nd team, as well as honorable mention selections, we solely used the final times from 2018 to give some indication as to who we think will be top performers going into the summer. We acknowledge that there are inherent flaws in this process, including growth and development from one summer to the next, and limited opportunities for athletes to compete at the bottom of their age group versus the performances from top athletes from the age group below who have now aged up. Nonetheless, we must have a starting point and these terrific athletes are worthy!

As always, we are excited to witness so much great competition this summer and expect to see several names left off this early list make our final team at the end of the summer. With that said, get out there and compete hard to score points for your team and let the times take care of themselves.

See the boys and girls teams for each age group and our reasoning below! Did we leave someone off the list or do you have predictions of your own? Join the conversation on our 2019 Preseason All Swim Ninja forum here.

*Due to athletes switching pools before the start of the season/no longer competing updates will be made to this post*


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