2019 Meet of the Week (Wk 1): Virginia Hills @ Fox Mill Woods

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With the first meet of the NVSL season in the books, we enjoyed an exciting morning on the pool deck at Fox Mill Woods. Virginia Hills came into this meet riding the momentum of a great season in 2018 and the Tidal Wave showed that they are not slowing down any time soon. Virginia Hills won 237 – 182 behind a well-rounded team effort with lots of swimmers moving up to score those critical 2nd and 3rd place points.

As could be expected, the day got started with some great team spirit–both teams brought good energy to the pool with cheering and this skit from the FMW seniors.

Once the racing was on, Virginia Hills jumped out to an early lead that they would not give back. The Tidal Wave 10-unders scored 30 of the first 36 points. The Fintastics fought back well, though, by winning the 7 remaining freestyle races with strong performances from Evelina Kleczek, Antoni Kleczek, Esther Swanson, Samuel Deege, Aubrey Swanson, Adi Kambhampaty, and Alexia Moreno. However, VH did not let them get much more than first–the visiting Tidal Wave were right in most of these races scoring 2nd and 3rd and keeping a solid distance in the score.


After free, the meet was pretty even–VH got great work from their 13-14s and 15-18s in back and fly in addition to the continued stream of scoring they received from the young ones at the start of each event. One of the best races of the day came in the 13-14 boys breast, where Ewan Speicher managed to out-touch Fox Mill Woods Samuel Kelly by .24s, with Max Ellis grabbing a close 3rd by .23s behind them for VH.

By the time we got to relays, the meet was close to over–Virginia Hills was good to shut the door and not let Fox Mill Woods fight their way back in, despite some incredibly close swims. The Tidal wave won 5 of the first 6 relays, which put them over the winning total–they would ultimately win 7 relays total to finish things off.

We spoke with the Tidal Wave coaches after the meet and they had this to say:

Thank you Fox Mill Woods for hosting a great meet and having us on deck — We wish both the Tidal Wave and Fintastics the best of luck in the rest of the season!


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