2019 Meet of the Week (Wk 2): Waynewood @ Sleepy Hollow B&R

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With the sun beating down on the deck, visiting Waynewood ventured into Sleepy Hollow for a D7 showdown. Both teams asserted their dominance in week 1 and looked to continue the hunt for the D7 crown this weekend. Throughout the meet, Waynewood was forced to rely on some of their stronger swimmers to keep them in the meet.

Moses Wolf (10), Hunter Zipperer (11), and Matthew Morris (15) each won their two individual races. Unfortunately for Waynewood, Sarah Rose (12), Allan Engstrom (14), Natalia Enochs (14), Claire Coughlin, (13), and Ellen Chadwick (15) each also won their two races on the day.

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Aside from the strong swims from the aforementioned racers, SHBR was a little bit deeper as a squad. When things got tight, SHBR found a way to sneak in those 2nd and 3rd places. Ultimately for Waynewood, those finishes made the difference heading into relays. Leading 192-168, SHBR only needed 4 relays to finish off the meet. The Seals did not wait around to put the finishing touches on this one. SHBR took the first 4/6 relays to finish this meet early. They won 3 of the last 4 relays, including the most exciting race of the day (15-18 boys), to put their finishing touches on this meet.

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