2019 Meet of the Week (Wk 3): Hamlet @ Dowden Terrace

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Dowden Terrace (DT) and Hamlet (HSC) readied themselves for a showdown as the two heavyweights of Division 2 this weekend. After a prompt start from the DT officials, this meet got into quite a groove.

The Dolphins and Green Feet traded blows in Freestyle, with DT finishing the stroke with a slight lead over HSC. The momentum shifted in DT’s favor at the start of backstroke and Hamlet was unable to steal it back. On paper, Hamlet was supposed to sweep both 8&under backstroke races to take the lead moving forward. Unfortunately for them, DT snuck in there to claim 5 points in the boy’s race and 1 in the girls. Hamlet was unable to recover after that 12 point swing in just those two races.

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The Green Feet managed to keep the meet interesting, even though they were no longer contending for the win. On Hamlet’s side, they had 3 double-winners on the day: Erin Kass (8), Morgan Kass (11), and Katie Mack (18). A quick shout out to Alex Andrews (11) for grabbing first in freestyle and 2nd in butterfly (from lane 6). DT was able to rely on some of their strongest swimmers to bring home important points for them today. The Dolphin’s had 9 double-winners: Peter Madigan (8), Cooper Roberts (9), Lila Brock (10), Annabelle Bremner (10), Kai Wang (12), Tugu Baterdene (14), Mealy Cronin (14), Kai Green (18), and Brendan Huber-Wilker (18). With 90 points coming from those swimmers alone, Hamlet was not able to match DT’s firepower.

Heading into relays, DT was up 202-158, needing just 2 relays to seal the win. Hamlet was competitive at the start, winning the first 3 relays, but eventually, DT prevailed in the next two relays to officially grab themselves the victory.

While DT went on to win the majority of the relays, the Green Feet did win the most exciting relay of the day, the girls mixed-age, thanks to an unbelievable leg by N.C. State commit Katie Mack.

Lastly, shout out to the 5 record breakers this Saturday: Kai Wang broke his own record in the 11-12 boys backstroke, with Mealy Cronin and Katie Mack each doing that themselves in the 13-14 and 15-18 girls butterfly. In the relays the 11-12 and mixed-age boys of DT both broke team records. Thanks to both Teams for a great meet!


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