Around the NVSL: Week 4

Each week of the NVSL season, we feature the best submissions and posts from social media across Ninja Nation in order to promote athletes and teams.

What can I submit to help publicize my team?

Don’t just sit there…Be a Ninja! Show us race videos and cheers, or anything your team’s swimmers and coaches are doing around the pool!

How do I submit?

Post on social media (facebook, twitter, instagram) with the tag @swimninja and #swimninja. Share videos via google drive with or youtube and enable embedding–just drop us a note and we will be sure to include it in the weekly roundup!

Swim Ninja Exclusive Interview

Before heading off to the Naval Academy, we sat down with Overlee’s Paul Kinsella to learn more about his experiences swimming and the process he uses to find success!

Race Videos

In case you haven’t seen the most recent NVSL Individual records, enjoy these ridiculous swims by Anthony Grimm of Fair Oaks we got from our Meet of the Week this Saturday

First, Grimm improved his own NVSL 50m Breast record, becoming the first person to ever swim under 28s in the event, going 27.57

Anthony followed it up with an amazing 50m Fly, becoming the 2nd person ever under 24s in the event, breaking Andrew Seliskar’s 2014 mark, going 23.63

Enjoy this video of the 15-18 boys 200m Medley Relay from D5 divisional relay carnival– Sideburn Run’s senior boys get out in front and take the win

Walden Glen’s Girls 15-18 200m Medley Relay broke their 1991 team record at Division 5 Relays carnival. Congratulations Jordan Buechler, Brooke Bailey, Emily Gooding, and Sofia O’Conner

On Saturday, Sideburn Run’s 15-18 boys 200 yard Medley Relay broke the NVSL yard record for the event!

Walden Glen is awesome and always sends us a ton of content throughout the week! Here were two race videos from their meet on Saturday–the first is the 9-10 boys 25m fly and the second is the 15-18 Girls 50m Fly!

Overlee and Tuckahoe had a fierce contest at the top of Division 1 that was decided by a few very close races–here Mary Kate Reicherter takes an important first place for the Flying Fish with Natalie English narrowly edging out Alexis Lee for 2nd


Team Records

All these swimmers broke team records this week! Congratulations to these awesome swimmers!


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Relay Carnival Highlights

We loved seeing all the team spirit at Divisional Relays on Wednesday! Congrats to all of the winners and good luck at All-star Relays!


Relay Carnival Team Records

Even more team records were broken at Relay Carnivals! Can’t wait to see what you guys do at All-Stars!


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Saturday’s in the League

Saturdays are busy in the NVSL!  It’s great to see so much excitement and love for the sport!



Look at all this team spirit! Keep up the hype!

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Best thing in the NVSL

Swimming is fun…but water aerobics might be even better! Check out this video of Woodley’s swimmers giving it a shot.



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