2019 NVSL All Star Relays Livestream

See all the sights and sounds from the biggest meet of the summer – NVSL All Star Relays

Part 1 (thru 13-14 Girls Medley heat 1)

Part 3  (9-10 Boys Free – 15-18 Boys Free)

Message from Dojo Master:

Last night after the storm we lost internet connectivity and had other technical issues on deck. We were not able to get the races from 13-14 girls medley to 11-12 girls freestyle when we restored connectivity.

As frustrating as this is, we assure you we are equally disappointed—the ninjas live to bring top-quality local coverage to our sport. Similar to a bad swim, we will regroup and learn from this to be able to work through obstacles and ensure better performance at future events.


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4 responses to “2019 NVSL All Star Relays Livestream”

  1. Best wishes to the NVSL All Star Relays-always my favorite meet of the year.
    XOX, Fannie Burke

  2. Hello- Did you get coverage of the race when your live stream went down? I was wanting to see one race and it seemed it was when you were having technical difficulties. I would like to see Boys 8U 100M Freestyle relay heat 1.

  3. Is it still possible to watch part 1 and 2? Thank you!

  4. Elena Ungureanu Avatar
    Elena Ungureanu

    Where is the video of 9-10 boys freestyle relay, heat 1?

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