Our Founding

Swim Ninja was founded as NVSL News in 2009 by two former summer league and club swimmers.

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The two set out to fill the void in their lives after graduating from their NVSL teams. Given the utter lack of local coverage (and beyond) in the sport of swimming, they decided to go to local meets to film races, conduct interviews, and write articles, exposing the world to, arguably, the most competitive summer swim league in the US. The idea was an immediate success–people all around the league consumed every bit of content the pair could produce. The next year, the duo rebranded their website to become Swim Ninja. Known for their neon colored tank tops and video presence at all the big summer league meets, Swim Ninja quickly grew to cover CCSDA and MCSL–the major leagues for DC Country Clubs and Montgomery County. Swim Ninja was a great part-time summer job, but as college wore on, they realized the Ninja would need to retire temporarily. After the summer of 2013, Swim Ninja went inactive. The founders pursued professional lives in their respective fields, forcing them to leave the DC area.

Swim Ninja Today

Today there are at least 1 million kids in the US under the age of 18 involved in competitive swimming–from summer leagues to club, middle school, and high school swimninjafront2competition. While other media outlets only seem interested in the few dozens of Olympians, international and national athletes, we are here to bring the spotlight right to your local pool, covering the 99.99% of the sport that exists at the amateur youth level!
Through race videos, interviews, and other original content, we aim to become the worldwide leader in youth swimming coverage! As the official media partner of the NVSL, the Ninjas are back in action!


Welcome to the Dojo

Through our broad range of media, including swimninja.com, our youtube channel, podcast network, and social media, we highlight the best aspects of our sport. Through our traveling filming crews and with user submissions, we gather a vast collection of everything youth swimming has to offer. Whether it is a record-breaking swim, a personal or team milestone, having fun with your teammates on or off the deck, or whatever defines your swimming experience, we want to share it with the rest of the world!

Become a Ninja

and Make the World Your Dojo

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