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[Sticky] 2019 NVSL Predictions provided by @NVSLStatistics

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The summer season is finally underway so it’s time to start predicting which teams are here to win in 2019! @NVSLStatistics (twitter) sent us their predictions for the summer for all 17 divisions — see it here: 2019 NVSL Divisional Predictions

Here are @NVSLStatistics picks by division – Tell us what you think!

  1. Chesterbrook
  2. Fairfax
  3. High Point
  4. Vienna Aquatic
  5. Kent Gardens
  6. Mantua
  7. Country Club Hills
  8. Lakeview
  9. Sully Station
  10. Somerset-Olde Creek
  11. Cottontail
  12. South Run
  13. Brookfield
  14. Holmes Run Acres
  15. Woodley
  16. Village West
  17. Newington Forest

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